Cannabis Delivery Service looking for Drivers and Dispatchers/Manager


Please contact us if you are interested: 424-256-5388 


Hey! We are a high end, established, cannabis delivery service delivering to the westside of LA. We’ve been growing extremely quickly and are looking for reliable and professional delivery drivers and dispatchers/managers.


Please read before applying!


We’re a tight-knit team who work hard and aim for success. Our goal is to grow and deliver to all of LA, Southern California, and eventually the entire State and we are looking for team members who want to join us in achieving this goal.


Drivers: The successful applicant will have excellent customer service and communication skills. They will be trustworthy, hardworking and smartphone literate with an ability to learn the system quickly. Compensation is hourly + tips + commission, our top drivers make up to $25 per hour.

Responsibilities include: money management, strategic decision making, customer service, and an ability to adapt to each individual customer’s preferences. Quick mental math is often necessary as well.


You will need a phone with few constrictions on data or text messages.


Hours are mostly up to you but there will be a few stipulations.



Dispatch/Management: Dispatch/Management is a fast paced two-tier job. You will be expected to answer phones and give excellent customer service to patients, verify new patients in the system, understand the menu and each item on the menu as well as send deliveries to drivers in the most efficient order.


This job definitely comes with a learning curve and we’ll help you through it. You will develop great skills that can be applied in many situations: quick thinking, strategy, and sales experience (upselling) will be great additions to any resume.


Pay will start at $13 per hour plus commission, with set incremental raises over time. Our best dispatchers make around $25 per hour.


Dispatchers can often work from home, but will sometimes be needed in the office depending on the day.





High school diploma is required. Resumé with references is required. College degree is NOT required but a plus. Working toward a college degree is also a plus.


Background checks are required for all drivers along with a reliable, working vehicle and valid driver’s license.


Please understand, we are a rapidly growing startup and while we have fun, we do take the work very seriously. Every team member is committed to the growth and success of our company, and the successful applicant will be too. We only medicate after work, and we never show up to work intoxicated. If you’re looking to smoke all day this won’t be a good fit. If you’re looking for a job with a growing company in an exciting and revolutionary industry that gives you room to take on new responsibility, then give us a call and we can give you more information!


Please contact us if you are interested: 424-256-5388