Bellini (s/h) - Cream of the Crop

Bellini (s/h) - Cream of the Crop

Cream Of The Crop

  • $70.00

A sativa dominant hybrid, this Bellini is another unique cross from the cultivators at Cream of the Crop. Combining Purple Punch and Clementine, this strain is a citrus smelling and tasting delight. 

Even though it is sativa leaning, the nugs are a perfectly cured dark purple, which is rare for sativa strains. The effects are fantastic if you're looking to be creative, sociable, or productive. You won't be couch-locked at all, but slightly energized and focused.

Keep this one for those occasions where being functional is preferred. The citrus flavor and aesthetics of the nugs makes it a great strain to roll up and share in a joint.


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