Triangle Mints (i) - COTC - (33.28%)

Triangle Mints (i) - COTC - (33.28%)

Cream Of The Crop

  • $69.00

This indica strain from Florida is named as a tribute to Tampa, Jacksonville and Miami – the 3 giants of cannabis production in the state.The plant and its buds have a very pungent and diesel-like aroma. When smoking Triangle Kush buds expect heavy flavors to hit you immediately with your first inhale. The spicy taste is evident but the sour aftertaste of lemony flavors is what the strain is known for. This sourness is quite heavy and comes with hints of pine and earthy flavor, making for an interesting taste.

Triangle Kush makes you feel relaxed, and induces bouts of creativity, and users often engage in deep conversations after consuming this strain. Euphoria kicks in soon and has a lasting effect. The Triangle Kush also has some potent medical qualities. Since it makes you completely relaxed, it is good for those under stress. It helps you get rid of your anxiety. And it is perfect to relieve you of bodily pains, especially back pain and headaches. 

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